8 Things You Can See Only in Dubai

Dubai was recognized as one of the most famous places in the world to visit. Many people from Pakistan to Dubai via Pakistan International Airlines visit Dubai for many purposes. However, numerous beaches, record-breaking buildings and plenty of shops and dining options are just one side of this exciting city. Go straight to the top […]

Explore Domestic Destinations In Pakistan With Serene Air

Serene Air is one of the best airlines in Pakistan for domestic traveling.  There have been different news of the airline on social media so that the people could easily travel across the country.  The company has hired much of the Boeing 737-800 airplanes. They will comfortably take the passengers to different cities of Pakistan. […]


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the biggest cultural, economic and educational center of south India. Also known as ‘Detroit of India’, this city has been in many lists- from UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) list,  “Top 10 food cities” list, the “hottest” city to the best city in India by India Today […]

Let The Fear Down Explore The World Scariest Roads

Traveling is one of the most important activities of human beings. We need to travel for different purposes. Sometimes, we have to daily travel for fulfilling our objectives. Few times, we travel for leisure and tourism. There are many roads which come in our way and we have to go to tourist destinations by going […]

Explore The Halal Restaurants In Japan

Halal food is very important for Muslims. There are strong Islamic dietary laws which are mentioned in the Quran. Japan is one of the globally prosperous counties; there you must go. Different kinds of cuisines are being prepared for the food authorities. The country receives the majority of national and international visitors.  There is much […]

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