Dubai was recognized as one of the most famous places in the world to visit. Many people from Pakistan to Dubai via Pakistan International Airlines visit Dubai for many purposes. However, numerous beaches, record-breaking buildings and plenty of shops and dining options are just one side of this exciting city. Go straight to the top of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), where you will find amazing views extending to the Persian Gulf. If you are from Pakistan then check Lahore to Dubai ticket prices and plan your visit to Dubai. Because we go beyond the ordinary and try the most unique experiences that only Dubai can offer.

1 – A Conjoining Spot of Many Cultures

Dubai is known for its luxurious and luxurious experiences, but among all the crazy activities that are happening here, one of the things you’ll only see in Dubai are the inhabitants of various communities and cultures who unite to be one. According to the UAE government, over 200 nationalities live and work in the country. You can find a place of worship for every religion, scattered throughout the city. There is no segregation based on culture or cast, and men and women have equal opportunities. In addition, almost everyone here speaks at least two or three languages, so you can easily make friends if you visit Dubai! Isn’t it amazing how many unique things there are in this ever-evolving city? But as we all know; this is not the end.

2 – Book Shaped Library

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the book you read and live the life of your favorite character? The library of Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) offers just that, but instead of a heavy one-story building, you enter the world of millions of stories! The MBR library located above Dubai Creek takes the shape of Rehl (a traditional book desktop). You can visit Dubai with Pakistan International Airline to see this marvelous piece of architecture whenever you want.

3 – Luxury Supercars for Police Patrol

Luxury sports cars on the road are new to many, but not to the residents of Dubai. It’s a daily matter. In fact, it’s so common that Dubai police have their own fleet of police supercars! From Lamborghinis and McLarens to Mercedes and Rolls Royces, Dubai Police offers an impressive range of luxury sports cars. The city actually has a Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest Bugatti Veyron police car – one of the top 10 world records in Dubai.

4 – Indoor Skiing Park

Dubai is a hot place, but Ski Dubai is one of the best ways to cool off. Open every day of the year, you can go skiing or snowboarding, camping overnight, or simply take your children for a visit to say hello to local penguins.

5 – Unique Means of Transportation

Yes, watching the Lamborghini cruise along the city’s roads is a common sight. But when it comes to transport, there are some unique things you’ll only see in Dubai. Want to take a helicopter instead of a taxi? Just use the taxi calling application and choose your own helicopter! Uber offers cyclists the Uber-chopper booking option, which will take you on a 15-minute tour of the iconic points of the city. If the helicopter isn’t fancy enough to match your style, make a James Bond-style entrance on a seaplane! You can contact some of the popular tour operators in the city to learn more about availability and permissions.

6 – Museumto Hold the Future

Museums are known for storing artifacts from the past, but not in Dubai. This city is about the future and the whole museum is dedicated. The Future Museum, located next to Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, is the upcoming incubator of ideas and the engine of innovation. The museum gives visitors the opportunity to interact with future technologies. If you are a field of technology person from Pakistan then check your Lahore to Dubai ticket prices right now and book your tickets on the opening of this masterpiece.

7 – Skydivingfrom The Palm Jumeirah

Sure, you can parachute around many places, but not many of them will take you to some of the largest islands and skyscrapers in the world! It’s an amazing sight, and well-trained Sky Dive guides will help you make the most of your breathtaking experience.

8 – The Tallest Building of The World

Much is said and heard about the original hero of Dubai – Burj Khalifa. The 2717-foot tower is 163 stories high, along with nightclubs, swimming pools and the elegant Hotel Armani. In addition, the building also has corporate offices and private residences. And now Burj Khalifa is home to the largest salon in the world. Talk about hi-tea with amazing views.

Conclusion: Dubai no doubt offers you great things and experiences that no other place on the earth does. We have listed some of them as a review but still, you have to be there to see and absorb the real beauty. Plan your next visit to only Dubai with Pakistan International Airlines. You will never regret the trip; we can promise you that.

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