Serene Air is one of the best airlines in Pakistan for domestic traveling.  There have been different news of the airline on social media so that the people could easily travel across the country.  The company has hired much of the Boeing 737-800 airplanes. They will comfortably take the passengers to different cities of Pakistan. Many of the people have already thought of doing Serene Air Booking for traveling across to their dream destinations. The company has unique features for all of its customers.  It has got permission for operating domestic flights for the first two years of its operations. It will help a different kind of passengers to travel easily across Pakistan. It is one of the necessary qualifications that have been ordered by the Civil Aviation Authority for the airlines who want to run international operations. They have to spend the first two years serving domestic flights.  Many of the people who want to travel locally also want to search for Lahore to Karachi Ticket Price because they want to find out cheapest airfares while traveling within Pakistan. This route is one of the famous destinations for many Airlines. Mostly, people travel for their personal and professional objectives. It has decided that Serene will travel to 7 different destinations across Pakistan. These destinations include 7 of the most famous cities of Pakistan.  They are as following:

  1. Lahore
  2. Karachi
  3. Islamabad
  4. Faisalabad
  5. Skardu
  6. Peshawar
  7. Quetta

The airline offers a unique and distinctive category of features which are different from other airlines. Many of these features are liked by passengers who travel in this category of airlines. There is a much better kind of services.

Different Meals Are Provided With Different Menus

Every time, the airline offers different kind of meals every day. It is stated on the website of the Serene Air.

We understand that a meal no matter how good it was the first time, just doesn’t taste the same after that. Hence All Pakistan Airlines offers a different menu every day to pleasantly surprise its flyers on every flight.

The airline continues to offer full meals every day. On the onboard flights, Serene Air wills also offering full meals also. Some of the international airlines do not offer full meals in the case of domestic flights. Some of the international airlines have used these kinds of restrictions for these passengers. You must keep in mind these kinds of restrictions which the airlines have put on their passengers. Sometimes, you get a chance to buy a cheap ticket. Utilize fully that kind of chance.

Magnificent Interior and Advance Booking

Serene Airline will also be offering magnificent interior for the passengers so that they could easily relax and sit easily. The roof of the airplane will be higher. There will be also a higher roof so that heads of the passengers should not touch the roof of the plane. They should be more comfortable. There will be a special LED lightning which brightens the inside of the aircraft to the maximum extent.  Passengers who are sitting inside the plane will definitely see LED lighting and there will be enough lighting for them.       

You can also reserve your ticket using Faremakers and there is no forced selection option that you have to select the following seat. You have the freedom of choosing the seat which you like and the best option about this selection that you can select of that seat which you prefer.

Providing More Leg Room and Cockpit Crew

There is a common complaint in the case of air traveling that passengers do not have enough space to sit comfortably. Most of the people; who are sitting in the airplane usually complaint having fewer leg rooms and thus traveling becomes difficult for them. Serene Air will provide more legroom to the passengers in its airbus. It is some of the preferable points of the airline which has made it extremely popular in the eyes of the passengers and they like to travel on this airline.

The cockpit crew has been trained from the Boeing itself. There have been lots of the efforts for the hiring the right Serene cabin crew. The airline has been carrying out operations successfully from two years, since its inauguration. It has been written on the website of the Serene Air that most excellent staff is being hired for work.              

Discounted Air Tickets for Family and Children

If you are traveling with the family being 5 persons then you can get a discounted ticketed price. If you are traveling with the children aged 2-11 then you also get a discount on the price of the air tickets. Infants travel for free.

The airline says that it will offer a lower ticket price in order to get the attention of the customers. The traveling is at the domestic level is of less competition but the airline knows that it had to make to its place in the eyes of the customers. Many of them will only travel if they will get the affordable ticket for going to different destinations. This is the reason most of the passengers want to get discounted fares. 

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