Halal food is very important for Muslims. There are strong Islamic dietary laws which are mentioned in the Quran. Japan is one of the globally prosperous counties; there you must go. Different kinds of cuisines are being prepared for the food authorities. The country receives the majority of national and international visitors.  There is much kind of restaurants in Japan, many of them are Halal and others are not. Most of the Muslim tourists go often to the Halal restaurants for satisfying their need for hunger and thirst, Lot of the Muslim tourists often come to Japan for seeing a different kind of places. You will first need to search for the Cheap Airlines Ticket Price on the internet and then you have to book the most suitable option for traveling to Japan.

Let Us Now Move On The Great Number Of Restaurants.

Restaurants in Tokyo:

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and is also a capital city for Japan. There are numerous types of cuisine prepared in the largest city in Japan. Some of the ancient places are also situated in Japan. It was living in a state of isolation when the British came for trading with Japan. Slowly, all of the European powers come to Japan for allowing trade and commerce. Slowly, restaurants were being developed there and people specially came to eat from these restaurants. Most of the Muslim friendly restaurants in Tokyo were set up for a better atmosphere and getting a reduction from pollution. A lot of the people arrive in Tokyo through PIA Online Ticket Booking.

Sushiken Asakusa

It is the most famous and favorite dish of the Japanese people. It is known as sushi. This is a very popular restaurant which sells sushi and most of the people like to eat this category of food from this restaurant because it is a popular choice for the tourists and restaurant owners. There are many other popular dishes which are being prepared with great care and hardworking. Many of them are served to guests and most of the clients appreciate the dishes which are being prepared in this restaurant. Many of them are rice dishes and other is Sweet Pickled Ginger.

Edo-men Kumahachi

Halal Ramen is great and it is tried by every person. Water comes in the mouth of those who are eating this delicious cuisine. Edo-men Kumahachi is an excellent ramen shop which is located in Tokyo. It is situated near Morishita Station. The biggest benefit of this restaurant that serves Halal food and alcohol is not sold at the restaurant; therefore, it means that you can eat their cuisine without a worry.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Halal Akihabara

Akihabara is a top city of Japan known for its vibrant culture. There are so many of the restaurants which are located in this city. Some of the international restaurant chains are also located in different cities. If you will search for some of the latest food chains, you will come across several ones.  CoCo ICHIBANYA is the name of that food chain and it is an international one, it features branches across several countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Singapore and it is located in these famous countries.

In the sense of preparing the curry, there will be the option of serving the rice and curry when you look forward to enjoying the spiciness of the food ranging from one to ten.

Yakiniku Panga Okachimachi

Yakiniku Panga Okachimachi offers a variety of land is often known as the excellent place for BBQ in the town. Most of the meat options are sold in the restaurants and most of them are the BBQs of the notable meats. Eggs and vegetables are also being sold at their restaurant. You can also enjoy other foods at this restaurant such as Beef Soups, Tofu and different kind of seafood. There is also Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage which is usually served with the food.

Sumiyakiya Nishiazabu

This is a family-oriented restaurant for providing excellent quality Muslim friendly dishes to different friendly customers. The foods are mainly served in the Japanese style and you also get a chance to learn about the Japanese style food service. If you want to eat and enjoy BBQ then you have landed at the right place.


Kusumoto is a great Japanese style restaurant which provides different categories of cuisines to its customers. The restaurant also provides at the mat to offer the prayer and there is also a Qibla locator. You can easily offer prayer. This restaurant is located near to Hiroo Station. You must call the administration of the restaurant for reservation of your table and then go to the restaurant.

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